Zero round for resident doctors?

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The chairman of the health insurance company Barmer GEK calls for zero rounds for resident doctors

In view of the empty coffers at the statutory health insurance companies and the expected additional expenditure in the health system, the chairman of the largest German health insurance company "Barmer GEK" calls for a zero round for resident doctors this year. Compared to the "Rheinische Post" the Barmer boss Birgit Fischer said: "After the billions increases for the resident doctors in the past few years, there must be no further fee increases this year". The doctors should prepare for a so-called zero round this year, said Fischer.

The Barmer boss also criticized the family doctor contracts in this context: "The way the family doctor contracts are currently being negotiated, this amounts to a pure increase in fees for doctors. We are, however, calling for quality improvements for the insured."

In contrast, the "Marburger Bund" doctors' union is currently negotiating new collective agreements for doctors in local hospitals. Here, the Marburger wants to go on the offensive and demands wage increases of 8 percent for the 55,000 doctors in total from the municipal authorities. (sb, January 20, 2010)

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