Dr. Jürgen Windeler becomes the new IQWiG boss

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Dr. Jürgen Windeler becomes the new head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG).

Dr. Jürgen Windeler becomes the new head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), thereby solving the departing chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Sawicki. As the "FAZ" currently reports, the IQWiG board will be Dr. Appoint Windeler as the new chair of the institute. So far, Windeler was the IQWiG Vice-Chief and Senior Physician of the Medical Service of the Central Association of Health Insurance Funds (MDS). The appointment is almost formal and has to be decided by the Board of Trustees next week.

Prof. Peter Sawicki was accused of "accounting irregularities" earlier this year. Critics, however, claim that the pharmaceutical-critical Sawicki had too many enemies, especially among the pharmaceutical companies, because he repeatedly opined against "pseudo-innovations" by the pharmaceutical manufacturers, whose "innovations" ultimately only burden the health insurance funds and did not help the patients. The main task of the IQWiG is to examine studies on medicines and to examine their actual benefits. Peter Sawicki took his job very seriously, too seriously in the pharmaceutical lobby, as some say. Sawicki has headed the institute since 2004. He is now being followed by a successor close to the till. The 53 year old Dr. Jürgen Windeler has been deputy head of the MDS since 2004. Previously, Windeler had already built up the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). (sb)

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