Self-doubt: women affected more often than men

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Fears of failure and self-doubt: women affected more often than men.

(09/17/2010) The Society for Consumer Research (GfK) has carried out a representative survey on the self-confidence of women and men on behalf of the "Apotheken Umschau". The result: women are more plagued by self-doubt than men. As part of the survey, GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg interviewed 1931 people over the age of 14 - 994 women and 937 men.

Fears of failure, self-doubt especially after criticizing yourself and worrying about what others think of you. These are the factors by which GfK measures the self-confidence of the more than 1,900 people surveyed. According to the results of the study, women do worse than men on all the points mentioned.

For example, 20.1 percent of women surveyed fear failure in any area, whereas only 14.4 percent of men have the same concern. Also, 27.1 percent of women regularly deal with what other people think of them; only 22.8 percent of men do so. The women interviewed are also much more difficult to deal with criticism, as one in three (33.1 percent) said they were very depressed when they were criticized. Of the men, this was only 23.7 percent. In addition, women are more reluctant to enforce their interests than men. For example, 32.1 percent of women surveyed (versus 26.8 percent of men) prefer not to say anything instead of risking their wishes being rejected

So all in all, men are more confident, don't think too much about what others think of them and articulate their demands straightforwardly. It remains to be seen whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage for women. Because everyone knows from their personal experiences how uncomfortable people can be who always try to enforce their demands, are not plagued by self-doubt or think they can have everything and no interest in the assessment of their own person by their fellow human beings - therefore hardly reflected on themselves are. In the end, the investigation even sheds a negative light on the men's habit for some. (sb)

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