The unemployed should continue to pay additional contributions

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The unemployed should continue to pay additional contributions

Hartz IV and unemployment benefit I (ALG I) recipients currently have to pay the additional contributions of the statutory health insurance companies themselves. Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) had announced that in the course of the health care reform, recipients of Hartz IV benefits should not pay unemployed people with ALG I benefits in the future. But now apparently everything should turn out differently.

According to a report by the magazine "Der Spiegel", health politicians of the CDU and FDP have agreed to at least exclude unemployment benefit recipients from this regulation. In the future, unemployed people should continue to pay the additional contributions. The Union has repeatedly pointed out that ALG I recipients receive unemployment benefits at a "high level". Only Hartz IV recipients should not have to pay additional contributions.

A total of 16 health insurance companies such as DAK or BKK Gesundheit have been demanding additional contributions from their members since the beginning of the year. If a health insurer raises additional contributions in addition to the regular contributions, the insured have the right to cancel. However, this right must be exercised after notification. The health insurance companies either charge a flat fee of eight euros or a percentage surcharge of one percent of the health insurance contributions. (sb)

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