Euthanasia: Michael Caine persuaded doctor

Euthanasia: Michael Caine persuaded doctor: The euthanasia discussion is reignited by the unexpected: The actor Michael Caine said in an interview that at the age of 22 he had supported euthanasia with his father Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, who had liver cancer.

According to Caines, who is now 77 years old, the event is said to have taken place in 1955. At that time, the treating physicians had given the seriously ill father Caines only about four days to live. Speaking to Classic FM radio, two-time Oscar winner Caine ("The Dark Knight") said that he asked a doctor if he couldn't overdose on a drug for his then 56-year-old father and end his suffering earlier . He was then asked to come back to the hospital around midnight. When he arrived there at the specified time, his father Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, who was a staunchly strict Catholic, died shortly afterwards. Caine, who was 22 years old at the time, has kept the whole story to himself for 55 years. Also to his mother, who died in 1989.

Euthanasia back in public Caine, whose real name is also Micklewhite, has brought the euthanasia debate back into the public eye. Caine is one of the best-known British actors: through films such as the film adaptations of “God's Work and the Devil's Contribution” (based on the novel by John Irving), “The Honorary Consul” (based on the book by the same name by Graham Greene) or “Hannah and her sisters “(By Woody Allen) he has become known worldwide. This guarantees a correspondingly large public for the news, not only in Great Britain. So far there is only a transcript of Caine's interview with Classic FM - it should be broadcast on Saturday. Active euthanasia complies with a crime in England and is on a par with murder. If convicted, this can be punished with “life imprisonment”.

Discussion about euthanasia in Germany In Germany, the discussion about euthanasia is particularly sparked by the former Hamburg Senator for Justice Roger Kusch, who is sometimes referred to in the tabloid media as “Dr. Death ”was designated. At the beginning of the year, Kusch had the euthanasia association "Sterbe Hilfe Deutschland e.V." in Oststeinbek in Schleswig-Holstein. founded and triggered a large ambivalent media echo. Active euthanasia is also punishable in Germany. In the summer of this year, a survey was carried out by the German Medical Association, according to which one in three doctors in Germany could imagine providing euthanasia in certain cases. Thereupon the demands became louder to regulate euthanasia regulations more clearly in Germany. The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg have so far been the only countries in the European Union to regulate and admit certain aspects of euthanasia. (tf, 10/10/2010)

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