Beware of counterfeit drugs

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Beware of counterfeit drugs on the Internet.

Pharmacists' associations are currently warning against counterfeit drugs, some of which can be life-threatening. Above all, such counterfeit drugs are sold on the Internet.

The sale of drugs on the Internet is booming. In addition to reputable suppliers, however, there are more and more dubious suppliers who mainly sell illegally manufactured drugs. A clue for suspicious internet pharmacies is the origin in the imprint. "Anyone who orders medication via dubious Internet addresses in exotic countries runs the risk of not only ruining their health, but also of risking their life," says Heinz-Günter Wolf, President of the ABDA - Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations: "The safest source for a drug - whether a prescription is required or not - the pharmacy around the corner is and will remain. ”If there is no imprint at all, you should keep your hands off it.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, there are “innumerable sites” for consumers in Germany: “The professional design of the illegal sites makes it difficult for customers to distinguish serious from dubious offers.” The BKA has already identified 100 websites “on which German providers are supposed to be Offering illegal drugs for sale ”. Above all, so-called life-prolonging, performance-enhancing drugs and drugs for muscle building are offered. Furthermore, there are also numerous supposedly remedies for hair loss, weight loss and sexual enhancers. As the BKA also announced, 500 parcels with around 30,000 tablets have been seized so far. In addition to a considerable number of sexual enhancers and doping substances, agents for depression, pain relievers and antiallergics have also been discovered, according to the authorities. Customs is seeing an increasing trend in the illegal trade in pharmaceuticals. In the last year alone, the number of supposed drugs rose by 58 percent. (sb, October 19, 2010)

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