Allianz: New edition of AktiMed tariffs

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Allianz health insurance: new edition of the AktiMed tariffs After the "AktiMed" full insurance tariff series of Allianz Private Krankenversicherung was declared illegal by the Federal Administrative Court in June, the private health insurance company Allianz has recalculated it and has now brought it back onto the market.

AktiMed launched in 2007 as a new driving force In February 2007, Allianz Private Krankenversicherung launched the "AktiMed" tariff series as a new driving force in the field of full insurance. Since then, the insurance company has concentrated its full insurance business on the new tariffs and closed most of the other offers in the corresponding segments. The third largest private health insurer in Germany had long lost market share in full insurance and hoped to regain it with the AktiMed tariffs.

The financial regulator BaFin sued Allianz and got it right. However, the financial regulator BaFin was critical of the "AktiMed" tariff right from the start. Although the insurance offer was significantly cheaper than the old tariffs of Allianz Krankenversicherung, it required additional risk premiums from a sharply increased number of customers. For old customers from other tariffs who wanted to exercise their right to change, a so-called "tariff structure surcharge" (mostly 20 percent) was charged regardless of their state of health, which Allianz justified with a different calculation of the new tariffs. BaFin saw this as a violation of the right of bills of exchange and sued Allianz Private Krankenversicherung, whereupon the Federal Administrative Court ruled in the last instance that BaFin was right in June 2010. The insurance company was forced to withdraw AktiMed from the market and to redesign the tariff series in accordance with the court's specifications Although it had largely abandoned its remaining full insurance tariffs, Allianz Private Health Insurance was unable to offer any customer group an alternative and was therefore unable to compete for the voluntarily insured and the fully insured for a few months.

Allianz back in business With the revised calculation, this self-inflicted mandatory break now comes to an end. However, the AktiMed tariffs have become an average of twelve percent more expensive as part of the recalculation, while the risk surcharges have largely disappeared and the insurance company has completely foregone the "tariff structure surcharges". Maximilian Zimmerer, CEO of Allianz Private Health Insurance, said the increase in the anticipated cost development of the healthcare system has already been taken into account. The old customers who were the cause of the BAFin lawsuit will be reimbursed the tariff structure surcharges wrongly collected by Allianz. However, the private insurance company has so far not wanted to provide more precise information on the sums that are reimbursed, the number of AktiMed customers or the new calculation model. It was crucial that they "offer full insurance protection for all customer groups again with the AktiMed (...) tariff series", explained Allianz CEO Maximilian Zimmerer. (fp, 19.10.2010)

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