Doctor administered blood thinners to pregnant women

According to the indictment, a doctor administered anticoagulant medication to a pregnant woman and now has to answer for it at the Coburg district court.

A 41-year-old doctor from the Coburg area is accused of deliberately giving the blood thinner "Marcumar" to a pregnant woman to prevent the birth of a child. Since Monday, the doctor has had to answer to the Coburg district court.

Because of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, a medical doctor has been on trial since Monday. If the doctor is convicted, he not only faces loss of medical license, but also a long prison sentence. At the start of the trial, the accused dismissed all allegations.

The doctor is accused of having administered the blood-thinning medicine Marcumar to a nurse several times since the end of 2006 in order to terminate the pregnancy. The married doctor had a relationship with the nurse. In order to prevent his wife from finding out about this secret affair, the defendant wanted to offer the victims of the money for an abortion. But the nurse categorically rejected abortion, the indictment said. The indictment now alleges that the doctor has repeatedly secretly added medicines to the pregnant woman to thin the blood into the tea. In addition, the doctor had advised the injured to drink as much of the tea as possible, as this would have a positive effect on pregnancy. Although the nurse was surprised that the tea had a bitter aftertaste, the injured party allegedly trusted the doctor.

In 2007, the woman complained of bleeding gums and noses and went to a clinic for this reason. The blood-thinning medicine was then detected in a blood test. These drugs have significantly disrupted the pregnant woman's blood clotting. The subsequent course of pregnancy then went without further complications and the former lover gave birth to a healthy child. First, four trial days were scheduled at the Coburg district court. The doctor denies any involvement in the crime. A judgment is expected in early November.

Marcumar is used to inhibit blood clotting. The medicine is used in the context of thrombosis prophylaxis, after the implantation of artificial heart valves, cardiac support systems or in some variants of cardiac arrhythmias to prevent the formation of thrombosis. (sb, October 19, 2010)

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