Medicinal plants against indigestion

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Medicinal plants and bitter substances can prevent and alleviate indigestion.

The president of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacies, Erika Fink, said that medicinal plants and bitter substances are a relatively simple method to prevent digestive problems from high-fat banquets. For example, bitter substances would stimulate appetite because they immediately stimulate the production of digestive juices. At the same time, the feeling of satiety occurs faster, since the digestion is accelerated considerably. In order to achieve the optimal effect of bitter teas and extracts from, for example, gentian root or dandelion, they should be taken at least half an hour before meals, the President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacies recommends. In addition, a bitter tea works best if it is left in the mouth for some time, said Fink. However, anyone suffering from an inflamed stomach, an inflammatory gastrointestinal disease or an irritable bowel should avoid bitter substances. The same also applies to inflammation of the gallbladder or gallbladder ducts, the expert explained. In general, a doctor should be consulted in case of complaints with preparations containing bitter substances before further use.

Bitter substances have an appetizing and digestive effect
A wide variety of substances are referred to as bitter substances, which essentially only have the bitter taste in common. They are said to have an extremely positive effect on digestion. Because researchers have found that people have sensors for the bitter taste not only in the mouth but also in the gastrointestinal tract. As soon as we eat bitter food, a signal wave goes out to the brain and triggers a variety of different metabolic reactions such as the immediate flow of saliva and the increased production of digestive juices. The bitter substances stimulate the production of digestive juices and generally promote digestion. Due to the quick digestion of the food, the feeling of hunger immediately subsides and the cravings for more decrease. The current studies estimate that this also reduces the total amount of food consumed. In addition, the bitter substances stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, which has a positive effect on the breakdown of the ingested nutrients, said the President of the Federal Pharmacy Chamber.

Essential oils from medicinal herbs against bloating

According to Erika Fink, medicinal herbs with essential oils, which can have an antispasmodic and digestive effect, are also recommended against feelings of fullness. For example, a tea made from fennel seeds has a calming effect on indigestion. Before preparation, the fennel seeds should be lightly squeezed with a mortar or the outside of a spoon so that they can better pour their essential oil into the infusion water, advises the President of the Federal Pharmacy Chamber. Similar digestion-promoting effects can be achieved with tea from plants containing bitter substances such as wormwood, bitter orange peel, ginger or simple coffee, Fink continues. (fp)

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