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Heilpraxisnet- film tip: "The Naked Man" - the organ man

What happens if a therapist uses his manual skills not to heal the patient but to harm his fellow human beings? This is the subject of the film “The Naked Man” or in the German translation “Der Organmann”. The chiropractor - trainee Edward Bliss becomes a father and has just reconciled with his parents when they are hit by a bloody raid. Edward, who has not noticed that his heavily pregnant wife Kim is still alive, flees the scene of the crime, heavily traumatized.

He returns to his wrestling hall, which he recently wanted to leave at the request of his wife. He had fought as a wrestler in a skin-colored costume made of organs, muscles and bones. When he arrived in the hall, he climbed into the ring without being asked and combined his chiropractic skills with his wrestling skills to the detriment of all his colleagues, some of whom suffered severe physical damage, but sometimes only back pain. Towards the end of his performance, which despite the brutality is cheered by the audience, he delivers a pathetic speech in which he supports the treatment of the body as a whole (contradictory: reduction to the spine) and advises against drugs and alcohol to take.

After leaving the hall, he continues his mission to search for the killers of his family and uses his skills again, for example to carry out physical injuries in a rocker pub and to present his views. Director J. Todd Anderson, who has already written on storyboards by the Coen brothers and who plays a small role in the film "Fargo", has succeeded in making "The Organ Man" an absurdly entertaining film that deals with the topic "Medicine without Medicines" in an original way and tackles unconventionally. At the very beginning, there is a dispute between Edward and his father, a pharmacist, about medication and the type of treatment, in which Edward already explains his views, which are repeated in the film.

Anderson has taken up the subject of treatment or bodily harm in a film that lies somewhere between the Coens and Robert Rodriguez and is not a real highlight, but offers a guaranteed entertaining DVD evening. (tf, 02.02.2011)

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