Lack of hygiene for surgical cutlery in the Eschwege hospital

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Lack of hygiene in surgical cutlery in the Eschwege hospital

The hygiene scandals in Hessian hospitals are endless. After contaminated surgical instruments had already been discovered in the Kassel and Fulda clinics in the past weeks, hygiene deficiencies in the surgical instruments at the Eschwege clinic have now also become apparent.

The renewed hospital scandal due to contaminated surgical cutlery in Hesse shows how urgently the already announced hygiene regulation is required for the federal state. For the third time, hygiene deficiencies in surgical cutlery in a Hessian hospital were discovered within a few weeks. The Eschwege clinic canceled all planned operations due to contamination of the surgical tools.

Lack of hygiene: operations canceled, central sterilization closed After the hospital scandals in Fulda and Kassel, contaminated surgical instruments were also discovered at the hospital in Eschwege in northern Hesse. The central sterilization was closed and all operations were canceled, the clinic management announced. However, the causes of the contamination have so far remained unclear. The first results of a corresponding investigation into the deposits already discovered on Monday are expected at the beginning of next week at the earliest, the clinic said. According to the clinic's management, some surgical tools are currently being sterilized by external companies in order to be at least prepared for emergency surgery - otherwise the medical care for patients from Eschwege will initially be provided by the hospital in Witzenhausen.

Hygiene ordinance as a remedy for hygiene deficiencies After the hygiene scandals in Fulda and Kassel, the Social Minister for Social Affairs Stefan Grüttner (CDU) had already announced the introduction of a uniform hygiene ordinance for all Hessian hospitals. According to the minister, the planned hygiene ordinance should not only take responsibility for the hospitals, but also oblige the health authorities to monitor hygiene in the clinics more closely. Experts have long criticized the poor hygiene situation in many German clinics. For example, the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) has repeatedly pointed out in the past year that hygiene deficiencies in the clinics cause an increasing number of infections with dangerous hospital germs. Experts such as DGKH spokesman Klaus-Dieter Zastrow are particularly concerned about the spread of multi-resistant pathogens, such as MRSA of the genus Staphylococcus aureus (staphylococci), which are immune to all common antibiotics. The hygiene specialist therefore called for uniform hygiene regulations throughout Germany last year, since bacteria (...) are the same everywhere and there are "no differences between the federal states" for them. (fp)

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