Nurses end strike at Charité

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Charité: Nurses and nurses end strike for the time being

As of today, nurses, nurses and technical staff want to resume work at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin. "The strike will be put on hold for the time being," the union says. The hospital management has submitted a new tariff offer to the striking employees. The negotiators on both sides want to resume collective bargaining.

New tariff offer ends dispute for the time being Since the Monday morning shift, around 2000 Charité employees have been on hold. After exactly five days of the strike, the management submitted a new offer to the Verdi and dbb Tarifunion unions. After this significantly better negotiation offer, new talks are now being held. As of Friday, all nurses and technical staff will resume work and end the strike for the time being. On the part of the union, the employer offer was advised into the late hours, as a Verdi spokesman said.

Both unions are demanding a gross wage increase of at least 300 euros per month for all nursing and technical staff. "With such an increase, the nationwide level of nursing staff could be achieved. Charité pays around 14 percent less than other clinics in Berlin, ”said a union spokesman.

200 euros more and further wage adjustments According to the negotiators, the employers had renewed their offer in the early morning. The employer wants to raise the wages by 200 euros per month in two steps by July 1, 2012 and also make a general income adjustment to the level of the public service of municipal employers. This adjustment should be implemented by the end of 2014 at the latest, as the negotiating group of employers emphasized.

The trade union side was confident about the concessions. The strikers had come a long way ahead with their commitment and perseverance. "The colleagues were decisive in their willingness to fight," said dbb negotiator Arne Goodson. The pressure on the clinic management could have moved the employer side to offer again. The employees “have built up so much pressure at the three Charité locations that we have really made good progress.”

Final results are expected over the next week. For patients, ending the strike means resuming everyday clinical practice. Since numerous tasks that remain open must first be caught up, there may still be some bottlenecks at the Charité. (sb)

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