Highest life expectancy in Japan

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Highest life expectancy in Japan and San Marino

The average life expectancy of a newborn with the same current structure of the mortality rate in Germany is 79.9 years. On average, women have a longer life expectancy than men and live about five years longer. This is based on a recently presented evaluation by the World Health Organization in Geneva.

People in Japan and San Marino with high life expectancy During the evaluation, the relative life expectancy of all people worldwide was ascertained. The oldest people are in Japan and San Marino. Life expectancy averages 83 years in both countries. People die extremely poor in developing countries. According to the WHO, life expectancy is lowest in Malawi, Africa. The people there are just under 47 years old.

The average life expectancy in Germany is almost 80 years (79.9). On average, women are 5 years older than men. Life expectancy for men is 78 years and for women 83 years. Despite the good medical care, Germany is at the top in a European comparison. In countries such as France, Holland and Norway, people are 81 years old, according to WHO calculations.

Most people worldwide do not get older than 50 People in many countries around the world do not reach the age of 50. Life expectancy is below average in Afghanistan, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In poor countries there is a high infant mortality rate and below-average to catastrophic health care. Despite poverty, Caribbean countries like Cuba have a life expectancy comparable to Germany. The average age in Cuba is 78.9 years.

Healthy eating makes people grow older According to the WHO health experts, the high life expectancy in Japan is crucially related to a healthy diet. Japanese usually eat a lot of fish and short-cooked vegetables. Women in Japan live on average 86 years old, men on the other hand 80. The surveys also take natural disasters into account. The March 2011 earthquake disaster has not yet been recorded in the statistics.

Cardiovascular diseases the most common cause of death According to the Federal Statistical Office, most people in Germany died of cardiovascular diseases such as a stroke or heart attack. In 91 percent of deaths, people were over 65 years old. There were two cancer cases with more than 216,000 deaths in 2009. Men suffered most from colon, liver and lung cancer. In addition to cancer of the digestive organs, women often died of breast cancer. According to statistics, a total of 854,544 people died in 2009, including 404,969 men and 449,575 women. Most were older than 65. (sb)

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