11 health insurance companies with additional contribution

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After the closure of the City BKK: eleven health insurance companies with an additional contribution

As of today, the statutory health insurance City BKK is closed. In a transition phase, the last insured who have not yet found a health insurance fund are covered by health insurance. The new fund must then take out health insurance retrospectively as of July 1st, 2011. Since the closure, only 11 out of 167 health insurance companies have made an additional contribution in addition to the regular contributions.

City BKK closes today. At the beginning of the year, 13 health insurers asked their members for an additional contribution. The City BKK recently raised the additional fee to a whopping 15 euros. The health insurance company was struggling against financial insolvency. The additional contributions should help the stricken cash register. But apparently exactly the opposite has happened: If a statutory health insurance company charges an additional contribution, the insured can exercise their special right of termination. The young and agile members in particular then changed their register. They remain the older and chronically ill, who often generate more expenses than income. This course inevitably had to go bankrupt.

The E.ON BKK apparently also learned from this dilemma. Also on July 1, 2011, the company fund will not require any additional contribution from its insured. On the part of the top of the till, it was said that an additional contribution was no longer necessary, since the finances had developed positively in the past few months. With immediate effect, the company wanted to dissolve the additional contribution. It is unconfirmed but obvious that the collection of additional contributions is particularly unattractive for health insurance companies. As long as the majority of the health insurance companies do not charge such a flat fee, the survey leads to a real loss of members. In addition, a large number of those who remain refuse to pay the additional contribution. Because this is not automatically deducted from the payroll, but usually has to be paid separately, usually monthly.

City BKK health insurance secured
Since around 39,000 people have not yet found a health insurance company despite the closure, the “City BKK in progress” will remain in operation until autumn of this year at the latest. In the meantime, all health costs such as visits to the doctor, hospital stays, patient transport or pharmaceuticals will be paid. Those affected should therefore keep their health insurance card until they have found a new insurance fund. If you haven't found a till by July 15, the employer has to look for a new one. However, this also means that the insured person's right to choose does not apply. For this reason, the chairwoman of the umbrella association of health insurance companies, Doris Pfeiffer, asked to quickly look for a new statutory health insurance company in order to be able to choose an adequate insurance company.

Health insurance companies with additional contribution
It is striking that a particularly large number of company health insurance companies charge an additional contribution. Here is an overview: BKK advita (8 euros per month) BKK for healthcare professions (10 euros per month), BKK Hoesch (15 euros per month) BKK Phoenix (8 euros per month), BKK Publik - partner of BKK Salzgitter 8 euros per month , German employees health insurance DAK (8 euros per month), Deutsche BKK (8 euros per month), BKK Gesundheit (8 euros per month) KKH Allianz and (8 euros per month). (sb)

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