Yoga relieves menopause discomfort

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Hormone yoga helps prevent menopause symptoms

With hormone yoga against the symptoms of menopause. Special yoga exercises are intended to stimulate the female glandular and hormonal system and stimulate the release of hormones in order to avoid the problems that often occur during menopause, such as hot flashes and sweating, according to the approach of the Brazilian inventor of "Hormonal YOGA Therapy", Dinah Rodrigues.

Many menopausal women suffer from hot flashes and sweats. Until a few years ago, these were treated with so-called hormone replacement therapy, which has meanwhile emerged in several studies as a clear risk factor for the development of breast cancer (breast cancer) and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Since then, women and medical professionals have been looking for alternatives to treating hot flashes. A possible approach could be the so-called "hormone yoga", with the help of which the typical symptoms of menopause should be remedied, reports "ZEIT Online". However, the effects of “hormone yoga” have so far not been scientifically proven, so that the breathing and movement exercises are not suitable as a replacement for the risky hormone treatments. However, because of the successes that are attributed to hormone yoga in practice and the fact that the exercises are not expected to have any negative health effects, women may not be harmed by an attempt, the experts say.

Hormone yoga is said to stimulate hormone release Many menopausal women affected report a significant relief from their symptoms after the so-called "hormone yoga". The typical symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and sweating often decrease noticeably in the course of breathing and movement exercises, reports "ZEIT Online". According to Dinah Rodrigues' statements, the techniques of hormone yoga are said to influence the body's energy system, whereby certain movement and breathing techniques are used to direct the energy into the two ovaries, for example, one after the other. The hormone glands are stimulated and the release of hormones increases, which significantly reduces the symptoms of the women concerned, according to the theory of the inventor of hormone yoga, born in 1927, Dinah Rodrigues. However, this theory has not yet been scientifically proven and although it is known that the so-called hormone replacement therapies or hormone therapies sometimes involve considerable health risks, these are still the last resort to get a grip on the hot flashes and sweats, writes "ZEIT Online" . According to the experts, hormone yoga is quite suitable as an accompanying measure. There are no side effects and the successes cannot be dismissed out of hand - even if there is no scientific evidence to date.

Reduce breast cancer risk with hormone yoga According to the doctor and yoga teacher Imogen Dalmann from the Berlin Yoga Center in Schöneberg, the thought with yoga exercises to exercise direct influence on the level of estrogen is “too simple and too mechanistic an idea”. Nevertheless, with the relatively dynamic exercises of hormone yoga, success can often be achieved with hot flashes and sweating-related sleep disorders, the expert explained. Reason for hope for many menopausal women who would otherwise be dependent on risky hormone therapies. In doing so, women may kill two birds with one stone in terms of breast cancer risk with yoga training. The German Cancer Research Center recently announced that the absence of hormone replacement therapy during menopause and regular physical activity could reduce breast cancer diseases in older women in Germany by almost a third. Since hormone yoga seems to be at least partially suitable as a substitute for hormone therapies and at the same time can be counted as physical activity, the risk of breast cancer could possibly be significantly reduced with the help of breathing and movement techniques. Read also: Breast cancer through hormone treatments

Complete package of hormone yoga is crucial The expert from the Berlin Yoga Center, Imogen Dalmann, emphasized, however, that even with hormone yoga there are no particular consequences of exercises that would enable treatment success for all women. There is also "of course no effect without side effects: in individual cases, exercises can also lead to an increase in complaints", added Dalmann. However, the complete package of hormone yoga forms a promising approach for the remedy of the typical complaints of women during menopause, because “through yoga practice we develop a better understanding of our body, learn to handle it with care and open the door to a positive experience with ourselves ”, the expert concluded. (fp)

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