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List of services for homeopathy billing: Detailed guidance for therapists and cost bearers

The recently published list of services for classic homeopathy, LVKH 2011, fulfills all the criteria of a detailed overview that informs alternative practitioners, payers and patients about homeopathy services and standard remuneration. The author Carl Classen developed a carefully researched level of homeopathy, taking into account common treatment procedures and principles, such as detailed medical history, case analysis using repertories or / and drug teaching, use of homeopathic remedies, systematic progress analysis and reluctance in combination with other procedures.
Naturopaths are generally subject to free competition, which may not be restricted by any fee schedule. Only directories that are of an informative nature may be published without specifying or influencing the fee calculation. To date, service providers and jurisprudence have been based on the list of fees for alternative practitioners (GebüH). However, this is no longer timely: In a judgment of Nov. 12, 2009 (BVerwG 2 C 61.08), the Federal Administrative Court made it clear that nobody can expect to receive treatment today that is based on a minimum fee rate from 1985. Apart from the lack of topicality, the GebüH does not structurally offer a satisfactory orientation to homeopathy, since it tends to favor the mix of methods. There is also a lack of service descriptions for homeopathic anamnesis and acute treatment.

With its informative approach, the LVKH 2011 is based on field research, in particular on surveys on performance and fees. For reasons of competition law, these are shown as fee ranges. Research on the economic framework for freelance therapeutic work provides an additional clue. In addition to apt descriptions of services for the first homeopathic anamnesis in chronic and acute illness, for subsequent medical histories, examination and advice, a sample process description of homeopathic treatment shows what, according to the experts, belongs to a qualified procedure in individual cases. The methodological focus within homeopathy remains open. A whole chapter is devoted to information on practical use, which can be obtained separately from other directories. A template for a possible treatment contract is also included.

After decades of stagnation, the LVKH gave the author an exemplary overview of homeopathic work in practice and its usual remuneration, within the meaning of Section 612 of the German Civil Code (BGB). The method of presentation is also accessible to the layperson and offers the knowledgeable patient the transparency and verifiability required in terms of consumer protection. The LVKH finally offers homeopathic naturopaths, regardless of association membership, a comprehensive reference framework for billing their own services that is also suitable for billing software. It remains to be seen whether, after the failed start in 1995, the GebüH will be able to move again. Bibliographic information: List of services for classical homeopathy, LVKH 2011, author: Carl Classen. Hahnemann Institute - Private Institute for Homeopathic Documentation, Greifenberg 2011. ISBN 978-3-929271-33-1.

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