Extra sausage for children unnecessary

Consumer protection: unnecessary sausage for children

In the supermarkets, young consumers are attracted by special offers: bear-shaped sausage and cheese packaging, brightly colored children's yoghurts and, last but not least, sweets. The food industry has long since discovered children as a target group with high sales. After all, mom and dad can't always say no "when the little ones are begging". According to the "Kids Consumer Analysis" on children's consumption behavior, six to 13-year-olds recently received EUR 24.80 per month in pocket money, which can be spent on sweets and other goodies. But consumer advocates want to put an end to children's baits in advertising.

“Toys are toys. Groceries is groceries ”With this sentence, the board of the consumer association Bundesverband (“ vzbv ”), Gerd Billen, wants to make it clear that colorful packaging and toys have lost nothing in the food industry. Billen continues: "The industry has to say goodbye to bait tactics."

Stickers, small figures or other toys are often used as children's attractants in advertising and product packaging. Often there is no child-friendly, healthy content in the special children's products. Billen explains that the previous regulation with voluntary commitments is not sufficient. Despite all marketing strategies, the special products are superfluous on the one hand and expensive on the other. It must be guaranteed that all food is harmless to children. “Parents and children are incapacitated from the start and calibrated for finished products,” warns Billen. It is important that children get to know the taste of fruit, for example, through its consumption and not through artificial flavors.

More and more artificial flavors in baby food The "vzbv" reports that in the meantime even small children have been discovered as a new target group. For this reason, more and more dietary foods would be developed for this group of consumers, with the result that children as young as a few months would eat cereal porridge with artificial directions, such as biscuits or stracciatella.

Foodwatch clarifies the children's sausage lie Already in February last year the organization "Foodwatch" criticized the too high salt content in children's sausages. Back then, among other things, the manufacturer Stockmeyer had come under criticism with its product "Ferdi Fuchs Mini Würstchen". According to the "Foodwatch", Stockmeyer advertised the children's sausage as "healthy" The children's sausage contains about two grams of salt per 100 grams, which corresponds to the needs of adults. However, since the manufacturer advertises with slogans such as "daily contribution to healthy eating", the organization speaks from “label fraud”.

At the time, the manufacturer denied any criticism. In any case, the “Ferdi-Fuchs” packaging is a supply pack that could be consumed over a longer period of time. In addition, the content of two grams of salt per 100 grams criticized by “Foodwatch” would only be reached if children would eat up to five sausages at once.

Consumers are deceived The "vzbv" commissioned a survey which showed that 40 percent of consumers mistakenly assume that the ingredients of children's products are adapted to the needs of children. In fact, the nutritional values ​​are often not optimal for the little ones. The federal association strongly advises manufacturers to adjust the levels of salt, fat, saturated fatty acids and sugar in their products to meet children's needs. You should avoid additives altogether or only use small amounts. At a glance, a “nutritional traffic light” would have indicated the opposite, but politicians had decided against it under pressure from the food industry. Billen explains: “Small children do not need extra sausages. All food must also be harmless to toddlers. ”The federal government must set stricter requirements for advertising for children if the manufacturers are unable to do so on their own responsibility. (ag)

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