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Health insurance companies are no longer allowed to offer free private international health insurance

From 2013, statutory health insurance companies may no longer offer free private foreign health insurance. The Federal Insurance Office decided that.

Free private international health insurance is one of the extra benefits. While many statutory health insurance companies have abolished their additional contributions this year, they are now trying to advertise with attractive good benefits. For example, the German BKK still offers free international health insurance, which is considered an extra benefit.
The Federal Insurance Office has now put a stop to such extra benefits. A private international health insurance goes beyond the powers of the statutory health insurance companies. Health insurance patients are also insured abroad. However, this health insurance coverage only applies in EU countries or in countries with social agreements. In addition, only those benefits are covered abroad that are also covered by statutory health insurance in Germany. Private services are not included.

Health insurance abroad through private providers Members of the statutory health insurance companies still have the option of taking out travel health insurance through a private provider. The statutory health insurers often act as intermediaries. In this way, insured patients receive health insurance for one year for small contributions.

It is important that the insured submit a detailed invoice after treatment abroad. Expert Michael Zaubzer explains: "Often only medical treatment is on the bill." That is often not enough to reimburse the costs. In many cases, if asked, it would turn out that X-rays or blood tests were carried out, which cause higher costs. For this reason, the insured person should always present a list of the benefits used. (ag)

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