No imports of food from Egypt

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Do not bring any food from Egypt to Germany

Foot-and-mouth disease is currently rampant in Egypt. The Federal Veterinary Chamber therefore calls on travelers not to bring animal food from Egypt. The plague is considered to be particularly insidious because the virus also spreads through clothing, vehicles or food of animal origin such as milk, meat or raw sausages.

Foot-and-mouth disease very contagious
The Ministry of Agriculture in Cairo emphasizes that buffalo, cattle and small ruminants in the Nile Delta are particularly affected. In addition, foot-and-mouth disease also occurs in villages further south along the Nile. Experts emphasize that the virus is particularly contagious. Although it is harmless to humans, the disease leads to death for cattle, pigs, sheep and wild animals through severe pain. In Britain, six million animals had to be killed in bad conditions after an outbreak of the disease in 2001, reports the Federal Veterinary Chamber.

Due to the high risk of infection, tourists should definitely avoid bringing food of animal origin from Egypt. Likewise, souvenirs such as horns and furs should be avoided. In addition, Egypt holidaymakers should not visit any farms in Germany after their return.

“All large and small farms and hobby owners in Germany have to protect their livestock as best as possible from infection with this virus. Therefore, especially tourists who work in agriculture or animal husbandry should be careful and avoid contact with cattle, sheep or goats on vacation in Egypt. Livestock owners in Germany should make sure that only authorized persons go to their livestock and that hygiene rules are observed, as is common practice. In this way, the animals are optimally protected against infections, ”explains Professor Theo Mantel, President of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians. (ag)

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