IKK project for patients with heart failure

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"IKK Herzstark" gives insured people a better quality of life: The IKK Südwest telemedicine project started in April 2012

The IKK Südwest breaks new ground in the care of its insured. In April 2012, the “IKK Herzstark” telemedicine project for patients suffering from chronic heart failure started. In the coming days, IKK Südwest will contact their insured persons who are eligible for the project. The program is free of charge for the participants.

Heart failure is one of the most common internal diseases. In Germany, more than three million people suffer from it. “We want to give these insured people more security when dealing with their illness. Telemedicine allows us to improve medical care for them, ”emphasizes Dr. Lutz Hager, Managing Director of Supply at IKK Südwest.

The term "telemedicine" refers to the transmission of medical data electronically. For example, the attending doctor can receive texts, tables, findings or pictures of his patients without having to be in the practice or in the hospital. Depending on the severity of their illness, the patients are equipped with a balance, a blood pressure monitor and, if necessary, a 12-lead ECG.

The vital signs are regularly transmitted to the Telemedical Center. "Patients learn to deal with their disease more consciously via telemedicine and feel more secure in their everyday lives," explains Dr. Lutz Hager. The fact that the telemedical center is staffed around the clock around the clock 365 days a year makes a significant contribution to this. This gives patients the option of getting up in the middle of the night, for example in the event of heart problems, and measuring an EKG regardless of the opening times of the practice. In the event of an emergency, the telemedical center will inform the emergency doctor accordingly.

The IKK Südwest points out that the telemedical care supplements the treatment by the family doctor or specialist, but in no way replaces it. “IKK Herzstark gives chronically ill patients more security in everyday life, greater freedom of movement and thus a higher quality of life. These advantages also support the treating doctors, ”says Frank Lambert, head of the contractual partner of the IKK Südwest. The vital signs are recorded in an electronic patient file and are available to the treating physicians with the patient's consent online or by fax. The basis for the assessment of the incoming vital signs is the regular examination results of general practitioners and specialists, which are stored in the file.

The "IKK Herzstark" project is carried out by the IKK Südwest with SHL Telemedizin GmbH. Affected persons can request further information on IKK Herzstark from IKK Südwest on phone 06 81/9 36 96-5222 or by email at [email protected] (pm)

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