Uncovering weaknesses in language development

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Otolaryngologists want to uncover weaknesses in language development

Abnormalities in language development are generally increasing in our society. An underestimated cause are unnoticed hearing disorders. They complicate the development of age-appropriate language skills and thus the school success of elementary school children. Timely diagnosis and therapy not only prevent problems in acquiring written language and frustration due to poor grades, but also social exclusion and possible teasing due to language weaknesses. The HNOnet NRW, an association of established ear, nose and throat doctors in North Rhine-Westphalia, now offers parents with the specially developed program the opportunity to improve their children's hearing and speech skills beyond the regular U-examinations at the pediatrician with the latest scientific Have the procedure checked by a specialist. In this way, the suffering of the little ones can be avoided in advance.

"Even from birth, problems with acoustic processing and thus linguistic development can arise due to ventilation disorders in the middle ear or undetected damage to the inner ear," explains Dr. Raimund Strote, member of the HNOnet NRW. Since various abilities of our brain also develop in very specific time periods, deficits that arise in this way cannot simply be compensated for later. In addition, poor hearing often results in reduced receptivity and insufficient attention in the classroom - with further negative consequences.

In order to effectively prevent this undesirable development, the Uplus program launched by HNOnet NRW provides additional preventive controls on listening skills and language development at defined times from birth. “Temporary hearing loss in the middle ear in children has a proven negative impact on language development from a duration of more than three months a year - also in the form of several shorter phases that total more than 3 months. One speaks of a negative annual hearing balance. Hearing disorders are of particular importance in the first years of life, ”notes Dr. Strote. The diagnosis requires specialist knowledge and techniques that are available to ear, nose and throat doctors. In addition to a special ear microscope, this includes various hearing tests, a pressure measurement of the middle ear and an examination of the nose and sinuses.

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