Revive lightning victims immediately

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If a person is struck by lightning, an immediate resuscitation must be initiated

It rains in almost all regions of Germany these days. This sometimes results in violent storms with thunder and lightning. It is not uncommon for people to be surprised by the storm and in some cases passers-by are also struck by lightning. Then it is time to provide immediate first aid.

If a person is struck by lightning and loses consciousness as a result of lightning, an immediately initiated resuscitation can save the life of the person affected. However, the resuscitation must be initiated as soon as possible.

Begin resuscitation immediately
As Prof. Peter Sefrin, a doctor at the German Red Cross in Berlin, explained, the resuscitation must take place in the first five minutes after the lightning strike. In contrast to other electrical accidents, there is no health risk for the helper immediately after the impact. “You can't go wrong with an unconscious lightning victim, you can only win,” explains the federal doctor.

As a first measure, the patient's pulse and breathing should be checked. According to the doctor, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or cardiac massage should be started immediately. After that, other passers-by should be encouraged to contact the emergency services. If there is no second helper on site, you should call yourself. If there is any uncertainty, the emergency call center can also give instructions.

To restore the heartbeat, the helper should press the unconscious man's breastbone about five to six centimeters deep with the heel of his hand. This should happen about 100 to 120 times a minute.

The consequences of lightning strikes very differently
Everyone reacts differently to a lightning strike. The consequences on the body can therefore be very different. It also depends on the force with which you were hit. In some cases, the blow causes minor burns. The affected skin areas should be briefly doused with water and then covered with a burn cloth, said Sefrin. "Resuscitation measures always take precedence," as the doctor emphasized. (sb)

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