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Competition center fights misleading food advertising

“Monster cheek” fruit quark for children “As important as the daily glass of milk” - the competition center is suing the Ehrmann dairy for this misleading advertising promise. In its more than 100-year history, the competition center has formally objected to business practices around 300,000 times, and more than 25,000 cases have been brought to trial.

Promising advertising messages, which are in no way justifiable in view of the actual properties of the products, are still very popular to this day. For example, Ferrero advertises its “milk cuts” with the slogan “Tastes easy. Don't burden. Ideal for in between ”, although this consists of approximately 60 percent fat and sugar. The competition center intervenes with the particularly brazen advertising lies and, in case of doubt, also goes to court. The headquarters for combating unfair competition sees itself as an organ of economic self-regulation and, in case of doubt, also acts against members of its own association in the event of violations. "Only through this self-understanding of our members is self-control effective and credible," emphasized Dr. Reiner Münker, executive board member of the competition headquarters at its centenary in May.

Competition center goes to court against advertising lies The companies that have already been reprimanded by the competition center include numerous large, well-known corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses advertised his "protein dinner" with the statement: "Slim in your sleep". The bread could not cause weight loss, the advertising statement is therefore not permitted, according to the judgment of the OLG. In the 1980s, the competition center had a violent legal dispute over the then famous "cola test" in television advertising. But the competition center also took action against Krombacher, when in 2002 the brewery tried to boost sales by stating that one square meter of rainforest was protected for each crate purchased. A coffee roaster that advertised the slogan: "Careful roasting over an open fire" was asked by the Palatinate Regional Court in Zweibrücken to discontinue the inaccurate advertising statement because the coffee was not roasted over an open fire, but in a gas-powered drum roaster.

"Monsterbacke" fruit curd is no substitute for a glass of milk With the Ehrmann dairy, the competition center is also currently in litigation because of its "Monsterbacke" fruit curd. The dairy advertises this with the statement: "As important as the daily glass of milk." For the competition keepers, this is a clearly misleading slogan. Because both parents and children are suggested that a glass of milk can be replaced with a fruit curd. However, this is by no means the case, even if a portion of “monster cheek” actually contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk. In addition, the fruit curd has a remarkable sugar content and a relatively high proportion of additives and flavors, according to the head office to combat unfair competition. In the first instance, the competition center had prevailed in front of the OLG Stuttgart, but the dairy did not want to give up so quickly and therefore went into revision. Now the Federal Court of Justice has to decide whether the fruit quark can continue to be advertised with the slogan.

Truthful advertising messages required In the food sector, they also use organizations such as "Foodwatch" or "aid info service" for truthful advertising messages. They denounce the most daring advertising lies, present them on their websites and ask manufacturers to stop their misleading advertising. In addition, the experts at “Foodwatch” are also drafting legislative proposals in order to achieve a truthful declaration of food in the interests of consumers and to put politicians under pressure. The foods that are heavily criticized by "Foodwatch" include, for example, the probiotic "Activia" yogurt from Danone with its supposedly digestion-regulating function, the vitaminized "Ferdi Fuchs" mini sausages for children by Stockmeyer with their supposed "daily contribution for." healthy eating ”and the“ Nimm2 ”sweets from Storck, which suggest to children that they could also cover their vitamin needs with sweets.

The brazenest advertising lies are awarded with the golden cream puff Also milk cuts are because of the advertising promise “Tastes light. Doesn't burden. ”From“ Foodwatch ”harshly criticized. After all, the milk cuts, which are preferably advertised with the support of top athletes, contain 60 percent fat and sugar and thus percent more sugar and fat than some pieces of chocolate cream cake, explained “Foodwatch”. As the boldest advertising lie, tens of thousands of consumers awarded Hipp's instant fruit teas with the "Golden Cream Puff" from the 12th month. The manufacturer Hipp tries "to sell granulated sugar teas as recommended for small children", according to the accusation of "Foodwatch".

EU Commission reviews advertising claims Not only consumer protection organizations and the competition center are campaigning against misleading advertising promises, the EU Commission is also taking action against pseudoscientific advertising claims. Certain "health claims" were banned, and the European food agency EFSA in Parma had examined just under 4,000 applications for the approval of advertising claims based on their scientific foundation. Around 1,600 slogans, such as “Strengthens the immune system” or “For healthy bones and joints” were rejected as scientifically unsustainable, and another 2,000 are still being rated. For the failed advertising slogans, there is still a transition period until December, after which they may no longer be used. (fp)

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