Drink lukewarm when hot: ice cold robs energy

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Instead of ice-cold drinks in hot weather, drink lukewarm

When it is really hot in summer and the sun is burning, many people grab ice-cold drinks. But that cold refreshment can put additional strain on the body, reports tropical medicine specialist Tomas Jelinek from the Center for Travel Medicine (CRM). Because with cold drinks the body has to warm the liquid up to the body temperature and needs additional energy resources. Therefore, the doctor advises lukewarm drinks to refresh the fluid balance.

Drink at least four to five liters
Especially on very hot days there is a risk of heat stroke and internal dehydration. Therefore, it is generally good to drink more than usual. Most people use very cold drinks to cool off. But this puts additional strain on the body because it has to heat the liquid to body temperature. That costs additional energy, explained Dr. Tomas Jelinek. Therefore, it makes sense to prefer not to drink cold or lukewarm drinks.

Vacationers should drink a lot in the hot regions of the world. Adults should drink four to five liters, the tropical doctor advises. "It is important that the urine is plentiful and light in color." Adequate thirst quenchers are water, juice spritzer or milk, since they contain valuable electrolytes. Because alcohol removes water from the body, holidaymakers should avoid beer, wine and the like. So that the stomach does not have to work too much, it is best to eat several small dishes throughout the day instead of eating large portions at lunch or in the evening.

Airy clothes to cool the body
If you suffer from the heat, you should orientate yourself to the residents of the heat region, says the doctor. Like the locals, it is best to wear loose, airy clothing and to avoid the sun. Clothing can protect the body from the blazing sun and provide cooling. Accordingly, “long and light harem pants are better than tight-fitting shorts”.

Many holidaymakers catch a cold because the air conditioning systems in department stores, buses and taxis usually run up to the stop. Tourists should think of warm clothing for the bus, especially when it comes to city breaks. Jelinek warns that massive temperature differences between inside and outside can quickly lead to a cold.

Heat repels mosquitoes and ticks
The heat also has an advantage, it also sells mosquitoes and ticks, which usually only make their rounds in the evening. Therefore, the excursion can be enjoyed undisturbed on the day. (sb)

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