Sex according to the schedule when the desire to have children is not fulfilled

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Couples who want to have children should have sex every three days

Many couples want children, but have difficulty conceiving. Before taking further measures such as artificial insemination, those affected should try their luck by following a few simple rules. "Sex according to the schedule" sounds strange, but by determining the time of the most favorable fertilization period, the probability of pregnancy can be significantly increased.

The President of the Professional Association of Gynecologists (BVF), Dr. Christian Albring told the dpa news agency that, statistically speaking, couples who want to have children should have sex every three days in order to achieve natural fertilization. If this rule of thumb does not help, the time of ovulation can also be determined to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. When in doubt, gynecologists offer women support.

Statistically speaking, the three-day rule promises to happen when you want to have children If couples who want to have children have sex at least every three days, according to the expert, there is a high probability of catching a fertile day for women. Like Dr. Christian Albring explained that the ovum is capable of fertilization for around 24 hours after ovulation; the male semen in turn survives in the woman's body for at least 48 hours. Statistically, the three-day rule would have to be sufficient to achieve natural fertilization, that is, a meeting of the egg and semen, according to the president of the professional association of gynecologists in Munich. However, the three-day rule cannot be adhered to for all couples, for many it is too imprecise and for some it is too strenuous. Here, a more precise timing of ovulation can help.

Determining the time of ovulation According to the expert, the time of ovulation of a woman can be determined by regularly measuring her body temperature, since the temperature rises by around half a degree during ovulation. However, the rise in temperature alone is not a reliable signal, since factors such as fever due to infections or other illnesses, physical exertion, lack of sleep and excessive alcohol consumption can also cause a slightly increased body temperature. By continuously monitoring their own cycle, however, the women develop a better sense of when ovulation actually takes place. A specialist or gynecologist can offer further support, who uses an ultrasound examination to determine how far the egg cell has matured in the first half of the cycle, explained Dr. Albring. The subsequent observation enables a relatively exact determination of the time of ovulation. This usually takes place approximately in the middle of the female cycle and is a prerequisite for successful fertilization. However, if ovulation was a few days ago, the woman is on the verge of her next period and pregnancy is almost impossible.

Healthy lifestyle increases the likelihood of successful fertilization In addition to the time frame, other factors also play an important role in successful fertilization, according to the professional association of gynecologists. For example, numerous studies have shown that "the occurrence of a desired pregnancy depends on the state of health and nutritional behavior and is positively influenced by some changes in the lifestyle of both partners before the pregnancy begins," reports the BVF on its website. In other words: Couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children should first make their own lifestyle healthier. According to the experts, nutrition is decisive. In addition to avoiding unhealthy foods or switching to healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products, those affected should also make sure to ingest sufficient micronutrients such as folic acid, iodine and iron. Existing excess weight should be reduced if possible. Smokers should stop using tobacco because nicotine damages the egg that is ready to conceive and can make it more difficult for the fertilized ice to implant in the endometrium. If further advice is required, couples with unfulfilled desire to have children can contact the doctors in the professional association of gynecologists. (fp)

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