Dog cough needs to be examined

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Four-legged friends with a cough need a medical examination

Dogs also increasingly suffer from cough during the wet and cold season. Dog owners should never ignore this, because - like in humans - there is often a persistent infection of the upper respiratory tract behind the persistent coughing of the four-legged friends. Overall, there are a number of diseases that can cause cough in dogs, such as heart disease, reports the Bundestierärztekammer (BTK) in a current press release.

The dog's cough should be urgently examined by a veterinarian, according to the Federal Veterinary Chamber, in order to make a clear diagnosis and to initiate therapeutic countermeasures. However, it is "not always easy even for an experienced small animal practitioner" to determine the cause of the cough, the BTK continues. A thorough examination to clarify the symptoms is always necessary here.

If the dog suffers from an infection of the upper respiratory tract, this usually results in a dry and wheezing cough for several days, accompanied by strong gagging sensation with and without a slimy-foamy sputum, the experts report. These diseases are also known as so-called "kennel cough", whereby the name is somewhat irritating for many pet owners, explained Dr. Thomas Steidl, practical veterinarian and member of the Small Animal Committee of the Federal Veterinary Chamber. She refers "to the fact that precisely where many dogs are kept - in dog kennels, animal shelters or, earlier, in dog kennels - the disease was and is particularly widespread due to the high risk of infection," explained Steidl. The term does not refer to dogs that actually live in the kennel.

Possible triggers of kennel cough - viruses and various bacteria - are transmitted "by droplet infection, ie infected animals sneeze or cough and infect other dogs," reports the Federal Veterinary Chamber. According to the experts, especially dogs that, for example, have a lot of contact with fellow species in dog places or dog play areas are particularly at risk. The infection can last up to two weeks and often has to be “treated with an antibiotic because of the secondary bacterial infection,” the BTK continues. According to the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians, the dogs should be kept as quiet as possible during the illness. Exercise should be avoided so that the cough does not turn into pneumonia. In addition, the dogs must be kept consistently away from their peers so that they do not become infected, the BTK explains in its current press release. (fp)

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