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Be careful with eye drops on dry eyes due to VDU ​​work

Today's office work is essentially characterized by computer work. The constant staring at the monitor is an enormous strain on the eyes. Therefore, those affected should treat their eyes to a break at regular intervals, advises the German Ophthalmological Society (DGO).

When working on the monitor for a long time, the experts advise you to close your eyes for a moment at regular intervals and then let your gaze wander into the distance. This short break could already bring about a significant relief from eye problems. The eye drops used by many sufferers are only conditionally suitable for treating the symptoms. "You should speak to an ophthalmologist before taking it," explained Prof. Dieter Friedburg of the German Ophthalmological Society in a recent press release from the news agency "dpa". In the worst case, eye drops can also have an adverse effect on the eyes. According to the DGO, for example, there is a risk of damage to the eye such as chronic inflammation of the eye surface due to the preservatives in the eye drops.

Dry eyes due to VDU ​​work VDU work is an enormous burden for the eyes. "Many work so concentrated that they stare at the screen all the time and forget to blink," explained Professor Friedburg. The consequence is dry and red eyes. Overexertion also temporarily reduces eyesight. After a day on the PC, many people see poorly in the evening, although normally there is no permanent damage to the eye, but full eyesight returns after a sufficient rest. According to the experts, the complaints can generally be completely avoided if the people at risk when working on the monitor make sure to interrupt the work regularly and give the eyes a short break.

Eye drops without preservatives recommended Eye drops can also help to keep the eye from dryness, but long-term use is often associated with considerable side effects. A specialist should therefore be consulted urgently before use. Special care should also be taken with eye drops containing preservatives. For example, "the commonly used preservative benzalkonium chloride (BAC) has a negative effect on the tear film and the surface of the eyes," explained Dr. Elisabeth Messmer from Munich in a press release a week ago. This could "lead to dry eye or worsen the condition of a dry eye" instead of achieving a positive effect, Messmer continues. If you get dry eyes from the screen work, you should therefore make sure to use eye drops without preservatives if possible. (fp)

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