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Diet funds are often dangerous

Pharmacies advise about side effects of dietary products

Many diet products promise rapid success in reducing existing excess weight. However, not all available preparations keep this promise, and they are also sometimes associated with serious side effects, the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists warned.

In a current press release, the Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, Thomas Benkert explains: "All dietary products have in common that they can have side effects and that they only work if they are taken at the right time." Here is a corresponding advice in the pharmacy before using the Dietary products “indispensable.” Benkert also expressed skepticism about the advertised effects of the different preparations. "The promise to lose weight permanently at will with just a dietary supplement is simply quackery," said the Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists.

Questionable dietary products as a miracle weapon against obesity According to the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, those who want to lose weight should not rely on the already questionable dietary products. Ultimately, only “lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you consume”, emphasized Thomas Benkert and added: “There is no way around a change in diet and more exercise for permanent weight loss.” Nevertheless, “new nutritional supplements are always being used Wonder weapons against obesity ”, whereby one of the latest trends is diet products with pregnancy hormones, reports the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA) in a corresponding press release. Those wanting to lose weight are urgently advised to find out about medicines, dietary supplements or medical devices independently in pharmacies. Nutritional advice is also offered in many pharmacies.

Critical assessment of dietary products by the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists The supply of dietary products has increased massively in recent years, with the preparations working in different ways. According to the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, some medications swell with liquid in the stomach after ingestion, which is said to produce a feeling of satiety. Other dietary products aim to reduce the amount of fat ingested from food. In addition, numerous dubious nutritional supplements or supposedly "purely herbal" preparations are offered on the Internet, which are said to work wonders when losing weight. These offers are evaluated extremely critically by the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists, because it repeatedly comes out that - not recognizable for consumers - it contains risky, sometimes prescription-only ingredients.

Diet change and exercise against obesity According to the experts, those who want to lose weight should generally say goodbye to the hope of a quick path to becoming a dream figure. Although the various dietary products are tempting, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise ultimately remain the only long-term effective methods for overweight and obesity. The experts also warn of radical diets, which massively reduce weight within a very short time. Laxatives or so-called diuretics (diuretics) are generally not suitable as a dietary aid. Also, the therapeutic fasting, which is more common in naturopathy - should not be misused for losing weight - despite its quite positive effects. Because a short-term change of diet followed by the usual high-calorie and high-fat diet quickly leads to the well-known yo-yo effect. The customer successes are not permanent here. (fp)

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