Advice on starting a business for naturopaths

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Useful tips for starting a business for naturopaths

There are around 35,000 alternative practitioners in Germany who work in around 1,300 practices. However, over 60 percent of the newly opened practices have to close within the first few years. In order to avoid this, it is worthwhile to deal intensively with success factors, but also with frequent start-up mistakes, before starting your own business. This way you can ensure the sustainable success of your own practice. The Lecturio learning platform has developed a free guide in which alternative practitioners can find all the important information on opening a practice on 14 pages.

In the first point, the relevant steps are clarified until the opening date. Which practice rooms are ideal, what do I have to consider with insurance, what does the tax office want to know about me? All of these questions are answered briefly and succinctly and thus help as a checklist through the jungle of preparations.

After that, you are already in the middle of creating the perfect business plan. Even if you don't need a business plan from a financial perspective, i.e. to present it to the bank when applying for a loan, it still lends itself to planning reasons. The business plan forces you to deal with perhaps unpopular topics such as the financial plan and risk analyzes.

The business plan should be written as clearly and simply as possible and focus on the most important content. The business idea forms the basis for the plan. For naturopaths this is of course already defined, but you should be aware of the special features of your idea. On the one hand, this is of course important in order to distinguish yourself from the competition, on the other hand, specializations are also very attractive from a marketing perspective.

Another part of the guide is the seven most common mistakes in founding a company. They are the reason for the failure of the majority of start-ups and should therefore be avoided from the outset. A major problem is always the lack of commercial knowledge. A certain understanding of numbers and knowledge of basic business content and relationships are an important prerequisite for the profitability and success of a practice.

In addition to high costs and insufficient start-up capital, missing marketing measures are also a significant mistake. The power of advertising is often underestimated and the number of patients remains at the same level. With some little tricks and tricks, such as Advertisements in the regional newspaper, you can easily remedy this situation and win more customers.

The guide concludes with an expert interview with alternative practitioner Markus Rachl. He runs a successful practice in Cologne-Lindenthal and gives helpful insights into his way there. He advises to gain practical experience before starting a business, if possible through internships with experienced alternative practitioners and, if necessary, working in another practice. In addition, you should not be discouraged if the initial phase is not yet satisfactory. According to Rachl, it takes an average of two to three years to work well. In the initial phase, it makes sense to secure yourself financially with a second pillar or to work in a group practice. If you would like more practical tips on the subject, you can download the free guide here and thus make your way to your own practice successful. (pm)

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