Of course, home remedies are effective against mosquitoes

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Lemon slices and cloves can keep mosquitoes away

The health authorities warn: This year there will be significantly more mosquitoes and biting insects than in previous years. The reasons for this are the flood and the warm summer so far. The industry expects good sales figures for its chemical antibodies, which, however, can often endanger human health. There are numerous natural home remedies for mosquitoes that do not have any side effects and are even effective for longer.

Summer time, mosquito time. Mosquitoes feel particularly comfortable in warm, humid areas. Due to this year's flood, there will be real mosquito plagues in some parts of Germany. Instead of chemical clubs, effective alternative agents such as cloves and lemons are suitable. "Mosquitoes do not like the scent of the two natural remedies at all," reports Helge Siemens, a naturopath from Hanover.

Combination of lemons and cloves protects against mosquitoes
“A combination of both is very effective. For this, a lemon is cut into slices and filled with cloves, ”advises the expert. The panes are laid out wherever you are or sleep. Zitronella scents, which make the mosquitoes flee, are also helpful. However, electronic evaporation is not advisable, since it may contain the chemical permethrin. "This is a chemical fragrance that can also be harmful to health." It is known that "the mucous membranes can be irritated and the airways narrowed". The consequences can be coughing and shortness of breath.

Even if the floods created ideal conditions for the mosquitoes to multiply, there is no need to panic. Even in our latitudes, sting flies can transmit tropical infectious diseases such as malaria or dengue fever, but many people would have to be infected to do this so that the mosquitoes can continue to transmit the disease. Even if pathogens are introduced by a trip to the tropics, those affected are immediately treated in the hospital for isolation. So far, despite some warnings, this has only rarely been the case in Germany.

Cool the stitches with water
To prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, it is advisable to attach insect screens to the windows and doors. Mosquito nets over the bed are also useful. Lightly applied insect repellents can also be effective. However, it is wrong to assume that a dark atmosphere keeps the mosquitoes away. Although light sources attract insects of all kinds at night, mosquitoes look for people based on their sense of smell, which is why "here should also be the approach to deter the pests". If the mosquitoes have bitten, an itchy rash can occur. Then it helps to cool the skin against itching with water. (sb)

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