Legionella: Travel warning for Warstein

Legionella: travelers should avoid Warstein due to infection wave

The district of Soest announced that it should refrain from traveling to the Warstein area. The reason for this unusual request is the Legionella infection wave that has been affecting the area for several weeks.

Travel should be avoided Since August 10, a wave of legionella infections has occurred in Warstein, Sauerland. On Friday afternoon, the district of Soest announced: "Travel to the area of ​​the city of Warstein, which should not necessarily be carried out, should be avoided." Bonn: The residents were advised not to stay outdoors: "Staying in closed rooms reduces the risk of infection."

Citizen telephone set up The district of Soest gives concerned citizens answers to the current Legionella diseases under the telephone number 02921/303030. The citizens' phone was also available this Saturday (August 31, 2013) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday (September 1, 2013) from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

No all-clear signal So far, a total of 141 people have contracted pneumonia, presumably caused by Legionella bacteria that got into the air from a cooling system. However, it is still unclear whether the suspected recooling system is really the source of the outbreak. A final result is not expected until the middle of next week, said the national reference center of the TU Dresden, according to the district of Soest. Therefore, the health department of the district administration emphasized that there can still be no all-clear. The suspicious air conditioning system has been turned off and should only start operating again after a thorough disinfection no bacteria are found.

Further cases to be expected Two men have already died of the infection and another patient is currently in the intensive care unit. Due to the incubation period, the authority anticipates further cases. Patients suffer from pneumonia, accompanied by malaise, headache and body aches, fever and irritable cough or diarrhea. If such symptoms occur, affected people from the region should see a doctor. (ad)


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