Woman injected deadly petroleum jelly into her chest

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Woman dies after injecting petroleum jelly into her chest

An Argentine, who was not satisfied with her breasts, injected Vaseline into her breasts. As a result, she often had breathing problems and eventually died of severe bruising in the lungs.

Argentinean injected herself with petroleum jelly for breast augmentation As various international media reported, the 39-year-old Argentinian Sonia Perez L. was a fun-loving woman, but was not really satisfied with her breast size. Apparently to save costs for an expensive procedure, she decided to do some kind of self-surgery and injected petroleum jelly into her breasts to enlarge them. A short time later, the hobby runner often had breathing problems and finally went to a hospital. Doctors there found a blood clot in the lungs that had formed because petroleum jelly had entered the bloodstream.

Body can't fight Vaseline Julio Pla, head of surgery in the hospital, told the Argentine newspaper “La Capital”: “She denied everything at first, but then admitted to having injected herself with Vaseline.” He continued: “I still have never seen a case like this. The body produced antibodies against bacteria and viruses, but found no way against the substance. ”The woman eventually died of severe bruising in the lungs. The English newspaper "Mirror" quoted Dr. Lucio Molas, the doctor who treated the 39-year-old when she was admitted: “The body can fight viruses and bacteria. But not a substance like petroleum jelly. "

Cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary. Even if you do not use the syringe yourself, so-called cosmetic corrections can be dangerous. For example, the Consumer Protection Center North Rhine-Westphalia warned a few years ago that "all operations are always associated with health risks, some of which are considerable". In contrast to reconstructive or plastic surgery operations, which involve restoring the body, for example, after an accident, these cosmetic operations are generally not "medically necessary". According to the consumer protection center, the health risk from the operations should therefore be assessed as unnecessary. (ad)

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